Šventinis Bankuchenas

Šventinis Bankuchenas Live at Largo

There’s a slim chance that you haven’t heard of Šventinis Bankuchenas by now.

The man behind it, Lukas Šidlauskas, rose to popularity when his latest song ‘Lietuvos Istorijos Repas’ (English: ‘The Lithuanian History Rap’) went viral few months ago. Before that, Šventinis Bankuchenas had released three full length albums and despite rare public performances, gained a considerable fan base.

The ‘Lietuvos Istorijos Repas’ ft. English subtitles by MXF

Šventinis Bankuchenas’ music can be easily categorized as comedy, and it draws on many different music genres such as old Lithuanian pop, sung poetry, hip-hop, plus others.

The mix of these alongside intermissions of Lukas’ ironic stand-up jokes define what Šventinis Bankuchenas stands for.

Music Export Fund went to his show in Largo, Kaunas, to see what was it all about.

Šventinis Bankuchenas

Šventinis Bankuchenas’ artwork [Image by: Aistė Papartytė]

Although I feared that most of the people would have just came to see ‘Lietuvos Istorijos Repas’, I was proven wrong after the first few minutes. Lukas’s jokes captivated the audience and it soon became obvious that I was watching a show by one of the most talented comedians in Lithuania.

The show had three main parts: there were stand-up like performances, musical sketches (most of which were taken from Lukas’ last album ‘Į priekį, gondolininke’ (EN: ‘Go Forward, Gondolier’) and a series of PowerPoint presentations, which were easily the audiences’  favourites.

Šventinis Bankuchenas

More Šventinis Bankuchenas’ artwork [Image by: Aistė Papartytė]

The 90 minute show concluded with ‘Lietuvos Istorijos Repas’, already a sing-along hit, and I left Largo wondering how big of an audience could Šventinis Bankuchenas reach if he were to release his music in English as well.

His latest single was translated to English with the help of MXF. Maybe something similar could be done with his upcoming releases?


More information:

Šventinis Bankuchenas official Facebook: www.facebook.com/Šventinis-bankuchenas

Šventinis Bankuchenas on YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9SSzRNDGo6JrPAiKlDVvg

BUY Šventinis Bankuchenas’ music HERE: sventinisbankuchenas.bandcamp.com

And HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/lt/album/lietuvos-istorijos-repas-single/id1100247745

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