Šventinis bankuchenas' 'Lietuvos istorijos repas'

Šventinis bankuchenas teams up with MXF for awesome music video

Music Export Fund has provided subtitles for the latest video by Lithuanian rapper, Šventinis bankuchenas, called ‘Lietuvos istorijos repas’ (English: ‘The Lithuanian History Rap’).

The video documents the history of Lithuania from its first mention in 1009 to the present day.

We thought it was so awesome and a great showcase for Lithuanian creativity and music. However, it did not originally have subtitles in English, so we offered our help.

Speaking about why we offered to help, MXF Director, Mark Adam Harold explained: “Our mission at MXF is to help more people discover New European musicians and culture.

“This video is so good, we wanted people from all over the world to enjoy watching it and to learn more about Lithuania, so we were happy to help with translating the lyrics to English. Hello, world!”

More information:

Šventinis bankuchenas official Facebook: www.facebook.com/Šventinis-bankuchenas

Šventinis bankuchenas on YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9SSzRNDGo6JrPAiKlDVvg

BUY Šventinis bankuchenas’ music HERE: sventinisbankuchenas.bandcamp.com

And HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/lt/album/lietuvos-istorijos-repas-single/id1100247745

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