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The Independent talk Poland, Moscow and Shostakovich

On December 11, Music Export Fund headed to Vilnius’ Liverpool Bar to check out The Independent (Editor’s note: the band is not to be confused with the UK-based newspaper of the same name).

Made up of Kipras (vocals, synth and guitar), Rokas (bass) and Gustas (drums), the trio of indie rockers from the Eastern Lithuanian town of Širvintos will release their debut album in 2016.

The Independent

Rokas from The Independent @ Liverpool Bar (Photo by: Darya Hniadzko)

However, they are no strangers to music export thanks to having previously played at the Open’er festival in Gdansk, Poland.

“We’ve played the Open’er festival in Gdansk a few times,” Kipras explained to MXF. “We didn’t play on the main stage, but behind it, and once we event met Jack White backstage there.

“The security guards though we were part of his team, although we had been carrying one of his guitars.

“It was a Solo 2 made in Belarus when it was part of the Soviet Union, but unfortunately, he didn’t use it during the festival.

The Independent

Kipras from The Independent @ Liverpool Bar (Photo by: Darya Hniadzko)

Rokas, also revealed to MXF that the Independent had also attempted to become Lithuania’s Eurovision entry.

The band’s internationality also extends to their influences ranging from classical Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich, to French electronic musicians Justice.

Despite having no experience of collaborating with foreign artists, The Independent understands the importance of collaboration should they wish to export their music.

The Independent

Gustas from The Independent (Photo by: Darya Hniadzko)

“We haven’t had any serious collaboration yet, but for the future’s sake, it’s necessary,” said Kipras. “We would like to work with a foreign producer, for example.”

However, the band are different from the majority of emerging bands from Lithuania in that while they are keen on a future European tour, they have also voiced an interest in playing in Russia.

The Independent

Fans of The Independent @ Liverpool Bar [Photo by: Darya Hniadzko]

“Russia is indispensable,” Rokas told MXF. “It has had a significant cultural and historical impact on us [in Lithuania], and the Russians are very sincere.

“Their political and cultural situation has also created a very specific situation for general life.”

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