Ministry of Echology @ Loftas

Ministry Of Echology and their wandering sounds

Reggae in Lithuania is an underground thing. Or, at least it used to be.

The current thirst for reggae could be best illustrated by the 50-meter-long queue of people waiting to see Ministry of Echology, when they played at Vilnius’ Loftas venue on January 14. The 10-piece-band’s latest tour is in support of their new album called ‘Wanderer’.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas 14 January 2016

The urge to stand in a long line to get in was comparable to anything outside the Berghain club in Berlin, where Berliners wait to get into one of the best nightclubs in the world; here, Lithuanians were just waiting to hear some quality live reggae music.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas 14 January 2016

After the wait, people got into the roots-vibed party, which was started by a surprise appearance from Californian MC, Narayan from Zion. Their Reggae-dub selections warmed up the atmosphere, and then the party really began when Ministry of Echology took to the stage, showering the crowd with thank-you speeches and expressions of gratitude.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas 14 January 2016

The sincere and genuine words shortly were quickly followed up with sincere and genuine music, and the audience appeared to feel a sense of honesty from the band.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas 14 January 2016

Mixing sounds of the old and new, Ministry Of Echology kept the balance between new, unknown songs and crowd favourites. At the start of the concert, one new track from ‘Wanderer’ called ‘Inna Vilnius City’ was presented in tandem with some other slow and groovy pieces like ‘How Much Longer’ or ‘Away From Home’.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas 14 January 2016

Soon people were dancing to beautiful songs such as ‘Music Healing’, ‘No Fight’, ‘Dance it Away’.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas 14 January 2016

Wanderer’, the album’s title track, pretty much sums up the vibe of the whole album – positive and inspiring. Its incredible sound quality and honesty sums up Ministry of Echology and their music.

All photos by: Vidas Černiauskas

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