UK-based label to release new Emery & Garo ft. Umiko track

London-based digital record label, Slime Recordings, has narrowed the music export gap between Lithuania and Western Europe.

On January 15 2016, it will release ‘Moon Love‘ – a track performed by Lithuanian vocalist Umiko, and produced by her compatriots, Emery & Garo.

Owned by Brit, Andy Bee, Slime Recordings was founded in 2010 and is no stranger to working with Lithuanian musicians.

In 2013, his independent label released the soundtrack for the film, ‘We Will Riot’.

The OST was made up entirely of Lithuanian electronic artists.

The ‘We Will Riot’ soundtrack also featured a number of musicians who have previously featured on Music Export Fund – Vaiper, Justicious and Fingalick.

In the run-up to the launch of ‘Moon Love’, MXF caught up with Emery and Andy to discuss the track, and what it means for musical collaboration between Lithuania and the UK…

Emery has joined forces with Slime Recordings and Umiko for Moon Love

Emery (Photo by: Emery)

MXF: Why was UMIKO chosen for the track?

Emery: Because we previously did a track called ‘Starchaser’ with her, and we loved her vocal ability.

MXF: Why does Slime Recordings have such a strong relationship with Lithuanian artists?

Emery: I think because your boss Mark is the connection here, and he introduced us!

Andy: Yeah, Mark connected us up. We worked together before on the release of the ‘We Will Riot’ OST which was all Lithuanian artists. Lithuania is definitely up there as one of the most interesting places to watch in terms of fresh electronic artists.

MXF: How do you think your track will be received by your international fanbase? Will it appeal to one demographic more than another?

Emery: We hope it will be received well. It for everybody who likes good music.

Andy: I think it will have an appeal to a wide variety of people. Slime definitely goes for the more chilled side of things musically. Hopefully the label’s fans will dig it.

MXF: Do you think the track is exportable?

Emery: It’s in English, it has good production and great remixes, so yeah – we think it’s exportable.

Andy: It’s got everything you need for a good track!

MXF: Do you face any challenges in getting the artists to work together given they are from different countries?

Emery: We [Garo and I] are from the same country, only the remixers are from abroad. However, the Internet removes any limits…

Andy: Speaking from the experience of running a digital label, we have artists from over 20 different countries and it’s never been an issue for me. I could probably do with brushing up on my Lithuanian, though!

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