Umiko (Elena Neniškytė)

Umiko to record upcoming album in UK

Lithuanian electronica musicians, Umiko, will record their upcoming album at Big Jelly Studios in the United Kingdom.

Speaking to Music Export Fund, Umiko frontwoman, Elena Neniškytė, revealed the band will begin recording their new album at the Kent-based studio in October 2015.

As a solo artist,  Neniškytė has previously released two albums: Wave (2012) and Flat Records (2014).

Neniškytė is also a vocalist with Lithuanian band, Ministry of Echology, and said they recorded at Big Jelly Studios this summer.

“We [Umiko] will record our new album in the UK,” Neniškytė told MXF. “I was surprised by the studio when we recorded there with Ministry of Echology.

“It’s really vintage and has a lot of stuff I like, from analogue equipment to the church in which it’s built – I think that helps with the acoustics. It’s a really good sound.

“The people who work there are also really nice, because they understand our style of music, and the guy we’ve mixed previous stuff with really likes our work.

“If the guy who is mixing music likes it, I think that’s very much okay!”

Neniškytė added the opportunity to work without distractions was a factor in Umiko‘s decision to record in the UK.

“Changing place is very useful,” she continued. “You get out with there band, it’s more individual and more disconnected from all your business here [in Vilnius].

“I have a child, I have duties and a lot of work here. If I record here, it’s just a mess – I can’t really give five straight days to work just on the music.

“It’s also really nice to work with the whole band from nine in the morning until nine at night, and have that sense of knowing why you’re there and what you’re doing.

“There’s no questioning of “oh, I have to go now because I have something else to do.””

While Neniškytė stopped short of revealing the title of the next Umiko album, she confirmed the band is aiming for a spring 2016 release.

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