Vilnius parties for International Tolerance Day 2015

Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, will celebrate International Tolerance Day 2015 by holding a Love Is The Message party at Opium Club on November 16.

The event will be the first of its kind held at Opium Club, and the venue’s Communications Manager, Kotryna Sokolovaitė, told Music Export Fund: “We decided to throw a party for tolerance because many events over the past few months have shown that people have forgotten what’s really important.

“Electronic music culture was born out of tolerance, so a club is a perfect space to try and remind people about that.”

The event takes its name from the 1973 MFSB track, Love Is The Message; a huge hit at the New York’s Paradise Garage club, which gained fame for its role in shaping modern dance music, and its pro LGBT attitude.

Speaking about the importance of the Love Is The Message party for Lithuania, Sokolovaitė added: “people [in Lithuania] are still quite intolerant towards other cultures and simply different people – everyone is the same on the dancefloor!”

In addition to local DJs, international artists Aerea Negrot (Venezuela/Germany), Jennifer Cardini (France/Germany), Prosumer (Germany/UK) and Tama Sumo (Germany) will play at Opium on International Tolerance Day 2015.

Love Is The Message begins at 19:00.

International Tolerance Day is an annual UNESCO observance, and was started in 1995.

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