What's Next in Music

MXF at the “What’s Next in Music?” Conference

Launched in 2015, the What’s Next in Music? conference is back this year, even bigger and more informative than before. Organised by the Lithuanian music business association and Loftas, it’ll be held on 2-3 September, together with Loftas Festival 2016. MXF will be represented by Director Mark Adam Harold and Consultant Tomas Paliūnas.

The conference will include talks on topics as relevant as music management, pushing your music onto the big screen and approaching international showcase festivals. There will also be a demo listening session for participating artists. The demos will be assessed by various music companies, managers, agents as well as festival organisers which for musicians not only means gaining valuable insight to their music but making some extremely useful contacts for their future as well. Any musician can send their demo to Loftas and be heard!

Send demos to: info@menufabrikas.lt subject “WNM DEMO”

Finally, What’s Next in Music will have its own stage at Loftas Festival 2016 where musicians will show their best and music professionals will look for fresh talent.

Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

MXF’s Tomas Paliūnas is looking forward to the event.

“Conferences and networking are crucial for the health of the music industry. This is the place where managers, promoters, agents, investors and, most importantly, the musicians, can meet up, learn from experts, collab, get advice and essentially become better at what they are doing”

Tomas will moderate questions about ‘Music digital distribution in Eastern Europe’.

Loftas Fest 2015

Lithuania’s avant-garde rapper MC Mesijus performing at Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

He recommends the conference for any musician aspiring to become popular abroad as there is a notable amount of foreign speakers at the event. Tomas is looking forward to share the knowledge he’s gained throughout the years of being a label manager, consultant and a musician.

MXF’s director Mark Adam Harold will moderate two talks: ‘Tips on how to push your music on to a big screen’ and ‘Monetizing music through YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Lyrics and Lyric Translation’.

“I’m looking forward to discussing making music for movies and monetising lyrics online, because it’s important for musicians to learn about the many different ways they can earn money from their creativity,” says Mark.

“It’s 2016, so musicians can do more than just making CDs and selling them at gigs. There’s opportunities out there they might not have thought about, and I hope we can inspire some people to look further.”

Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

During the festival Mark will be looking out for musicians who not only have great songs but also know how to perform them professionally.

“A little bit of tidiness and thoughtfulness can make a show ten times better than it would be without the extra effort. I want to see people not only playing, but performing,” Mark exclaims.

So if you want to meet a whole lot of creative people, enjoy great music, learn more about what it takes to make it as a musician and the local music scene in general, make sure to register and come along!

More information:

What’s Next in Music official Facebook: facebook.com/WhatsNextInMusic

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What’s Next in Music stage line up: facebook.com/events/1758717421036943

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