MXF TV: Which immigrants would Lady Gothenburg welcome to Lithuania?

With immigration the hottest issue in Europe right now, we decided to ask Lithuanian band Lady Gothenburg about their opinion of cultural mixing and creativity. Would Lithuanian music benefit from more influences and collaborations? What musical influences would they like to see?

Here’s what they had to say before their recent show at Paviljonas.


MXF: With immigrants from which country in the world would you most like to make music?
Leo: With each and every.
Justė: France.
Daniel: Some American, some Asian.
Kęstutis: I think from the UK. Because I like their style and their IQ.
Waldemar: People from Arabia. I really love their sound. But Indian as well. And from Europe – there is no big difference.
Leo: I’m a fan of Led Zeppelin song Kashmir which was inspired by some kind of Middle Eastern sound. I would go with that.
Daniel: Cause Asians are good musicians. They’re professionals, their mind works in other dimensions. For example, Herman Li from DragonForce.
Justė: Singers like Édith Piaf or Patricia Kaas – all the performances of her, the concept of a strong woman.
Leo: We don’t know the people, we don’t know their religion. We think that they’re extremists and stuff. It would be a kind of a statement to create music with them, to show the world that they are creative people, who love music, who love cultures, who love to make exchanges between the cultures.
Waldemar: Maybe some guy from Siberia in Russia is gonna play some awkward, really interesting instrument – that would also be great.
Leo: I think that I’m an open-minded person, I would love to go along with each and every person.