Working Hobo

Working Hobo: psychedelic folk rock in Kaunas

Music Export Fund recently went to a Psichodelinis Šuo gig in Kaunas, but they weren’t the only band to have played at Largo.

When they finished their set, Working Hobo took their place. The band has four members – Algis Fediajevas (guitar, vocals), Reverendas Šunlyvis (bass, vocals), Pusaklis Vilnelės Vidas (guitar) and Lagūna (drums).

The band’s sound can be described as psychedelic rock with folk influences. They played their hour long set which consisted of mostly instrumental pieces and the highlight of the show was the song Džonas Miežis – a Lithuanian version of the British folksong, John Barleycorn.

When talking about Working Hobo’s roots, Algis told MXF: “We formed Working Hobo in 2010, and it started with us playing blues next to the Vilnelė river in Vilnius with our acoustic guitars.

“Back then, we played some covers for a while, and did some gigs. It was all acoustic then – we had two acoustic guitars, a harmonica, a double bass, some recorders, a kazoo, and drums.

“After some time we started to write our own stuff – we incorporated electric guitars into our music and improvised more.

“At first we were mostly inspired by the old blues musicians like Robert Johnson, Skip James, then we got interested in avant-garde jazz, psychedelic rock music. I think the music we listen to can be heard when we’re playing”.

“Now we’re still in search of our sound. Some of our music starts with someone bringing an idea to the table and we’re working from that and sometimes it all starts with us just jamming.”

Despite their English name, most of their songs are performed in Lithuanian, but the band said it wasn’t always that way – they have sung in English, Polish, Russian and Belarusian. Working Hobo, then, could easily be described as a polyglot band.

When asked about whether they’re planning on recording their songs in the studio (most of their music is only available on Youtube, where some videos of concerts are uploaded), the band said that they’ve been planning it for some time but it’s not that easy since their latest songs are based on improvisation.

So even if we’re not going to an album in the forseeable future, the band is fairly active in their hometown Vilnius – be sure to catch a Working Hobo show if you’re into folk, psychedelic rock and the Grateful Dead.

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